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Goodfirms Interviews Grovention COO - Shobhit Saxena

With the perfect design, development, and marketing solutions in mind, Shobhit Saxena and team brought Grovention into inception. Read how they got successful in capturing tech-market in an excerpt of their interview taken by GoodFirms – a leading review and rating firm.

As a digital growth agency, Grovention is successfully helping its clients with leads generating strategies and sales. The company undertakes their client projects as their own and develops search engine friendly and conversion-driven websites. Customized data-driven strategies assigned with the business plans are executed by the team for driving target users to the websites.

In an interview with GoodFirms, Shobhit Saxena, the COO and Director of Grovention shared how the company got established and their motive behind.

As Mr. Saxena shared, Grovention helps build the strong web presence of their client businesses and market it to the target audience. He said he has been in the tech industry for a decade and keenly observed the loopholes in providing quality services by many Indian tech companies. Hence, he accompanied some of the talented professionals of this field to work together with a common aim of delivering qualitative and uncompromised web designing and digital marketing services to the world.

Mr. Saxena, as a COO, takes care of developing end-to-end strategies and handling operations management for their clients and in-house projects. Today, the core team members in Mr. Saxena’s team have a decade of experience in mobile app design, web app design, desktop app design, digital marketing, business analysis, consultation, and therefore, they founded Grovention.

At Grovention, the in-house team of the company provides all the offered services as the company does not believe in generating business from its customers and get it done by the third parties. Though, some of the external consultants on architecture and strategic discussions remain engaged with the company to acquire input from their expertise. The motive behind is the delivery of best solutions to their clients.

Mr. Saxena clarified that Grovention works to deliver growth to their customers. They aim to transform their client businesses from the root level to overall growth. According to him, the team Grovention works on the roadmap of planned strategies; however, they are always ready to go that extra mile to ensure what promised is surely delivered to their clients. The responsible selection of the team members in the company depicts they take the projects having an owner’s mentality.

While asked about the industries Grovention generally caters to, Mr. Saxena shared that they have worked on different business models and verticals with e-commerce and lead generation goals including clothing, fashion, luxury, beauty, health, manufacturing, corporate, personal coach, software, events, and real estate. Majority of the services the company provides on a recurring basis and the customer retention and engagement period with the company goes for over ten months, which is quite fantastic. The most interesting fact is that two out of ten customers often return to Grovention due to excellent customer service and engaging processes.

He adds that “The clients generally approach us to build or re-design their websites and make their digital presence profitable”. He said they are mostly approached by the customers for website design, UX/UI design, and SEO related jobs. SEM and website development are other significant services frequently asked by the clients. The company is soon to become the top website development company in India in the GoodFirms ranking list due to its consistent performance in the market.

Mr. Saxena happily shared that the company owns 98% of the customer satisfaction rate and their ratings over the web proves it. The client reviews displayed below are also proof of how Grovention treats its customers and why the company owns a higher retention rate.

Mr. Saxena proudly shared that the company assigns a Project Manager to a client for every new contact comes to accomplish. All the clients are reverted within a two-hour response time for all the queries and issues. The company uses tools like Skype and Microsoft Teams for quick communication and project management purposes. According to him, the payment structure of the company depends upon multiple factors. The company charges in the 50:50 ratio for a small plan involving design and development jobs, where 50% payment is made in advance and 50% after the completion of the project. The company plans milestones and bills its customers for extensive designs and development projects. Simultaneously, a project involving monthly recurring engagement is billed at the end of the month.

When asked about whether the company takes on the projects with minimal budget requirements, he said that they do this with the self-funded startups as they lack enough budget and resources. The reason behind doing this is to build customer trust initially and later scale the project and add retention fees to help them drive increased revenues. The company charges $1K for UI/UX, web design, and monthly marketing retention. The smallest project of the company in 2021 was a real estate website design for $800. The biggest project in the same year was a digital marketing project for an e-commerce business with over $18,000 in revenues.

While asked about where he sees his company in the next 10 days, he clarified, “We have had our foundation right and are moving in the right direction of our branding. Over the next ten years, we see Grovention as the leading growth marketing agency, having a 150+ headcount and a portfolio with successful brands and start-ups.”

This was an excerpt from the interview of Mr. Shobhit Saxena, the COO & Director of Grovention taken by GoodFirms. The detailed interview can be read at the company profile page of Grovention on GoodFirms official website.

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