Grovention's Disclaimer

Grovention Tech Pvt. Ltd.’s disclaimer page defines the responsibilities and liabilities we owe as a company to you as our user:

Services We Offer

We are a full-service digital growth agency. As a company, we work on creating your digital presence and marketing your product and services to the right target audience. Our core services are listed as under:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Web Development

Liability for our Services

While digitizing your presence and marketing to the audience, we hold control over multiple web properties, including your hosting, FTP, website back-end, content, and a lot more.

As a service provider, we always work to keep your content and digital properties safe. But, Grovention can not be held liable for any loss of property, consequential damage to your business resulting in loss or any harm to your products.

Intellectual Property Rights

The content posted on the website is subject to change without any prior notice to the clients and the users. The website and content are the sole property of the website. We do not guarantee the accuracy or fitness of the content on the website for legal or any other purpose.

By browsing, you accept that you have read the terms and conditions and accept them in entirety. In the special case under which a user is found guilty by breaching our terms and conditions, he/she shall face prosecution under the Intellectual Property Rights.

If you have any other questions or concerns about our disclaimer policy, please email us at [email protected].