Miss Earth India
Case Study

A beauty pageant marketing campaign focused on driving registration for the event.

Miss Earth India Case Study

Stepping into Client’s Shoes

The client, Prospurs, is an event management agency that organizes world-level events. They wanted to drive awareness and enroll aspirants to participate in the 2016 Miss Earth India event.

  • They did not have a good understanding of digital.
  • The client had a website that did not funnel users to conversion.
  • The marketing budget and resources were limited.
  • The conversion form was complex and lengthy.
  • The timeline was very tight.

Research for Data-driven Decisions

Our team researched the data in their accounts, user interests, and more to plan user journeys. We consulted measures to optimize conversion on the website on one side. And parallelly, we ran marketing campaigns to drive registrations for the contest.

Data Analysis

Analyzed data in their Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook Ad Manager accounts.

Keyword Research

Researched and planned keywords of the right intent for targeting.

Branding & Campaigns

Planned campaigns and their creatives that can lure users towards the glamour world.

Website Audit

Shared recommendations to contain the users on their website.

How We Did It?

We worked closely with the client and got involved in every digital operation, whether the website or marketing planning.

1. We helped optimize the website for a better user experience within the first week.

2. Parallelly, we designed campaigns that map users from awareness to conversion in the first week.

3. We helped improve the website for design aesthetics and funnels during the second week.

4. We scaled campaigns on Google and Facebook for the next three weeks to get the right users on the website and complete the website goals.

What’s the Outcome?

The marketing campaign of Miss Earth India was successful, with the client being able to drive aspirants for the event from digital channels.


Eligible aspirants for beauty pageant in 4 weeks.


Increase in conversion rate on website.


Followers increase on social platforms, in a month.


Increase in engagement on the website.

Testimonial from Miss Earth India

Pradeep Maithani

I contacted their team members through a reference from my team for SEO, SMM, and SEM campaigns for MissEarthIndia in 2016. Their marketing lead designed the campaign quickly by understanding our marketing needs. The best part is that I was looking for conversion only, but they did our branding perfectly within a minimal budget.

Pradeep Maithani
Founder | Prospurs Events

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