Kiko Clothing
Case Study

Built digital presence and made the apparel e-commerce portal profitable within 6 months.

Kiko Clothing Case Study

Stepping into Client’s Shoes

The client is a group of passionate women who wish to bring regional clothing on a platform for users to buy and promote local artists.

  • They did not have a concrete business plan.
  • They are not very technical.
  • Do not have a good understanding of the e-commerce lifecycle.
  • The budget and resources are limited.

Research for Data-driven Decisions

We aligned our team to discover the scope for the client. The research included planning for their new website and marketing phase.

Keyword Research

Keyword research to understand the demand for products.

Market Research

Market research to understand the scope of the product categories.

Competitor Research

Competitor research to understand their solutions and marketing strategies.

Solutions to Planning

Our team discussed multiple solutions with the client based on the researched data in hand and agreed to implement the below.

  • A CMS-based website to save development costs.
  • Inbound intent-focused website architecture.
  • Keyword-focused categories and product pages.
  • Short and long terms digital strategies.
  • Organic and paid strategies to drive users from popular channels.

How We Did It?

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradise

1. Research and planning took 3 weeks of brainstorming and discussions.

2. Website development, content creation, and photoshoot completed within the next 4 weeks.

3. Content upload, testing, acceptance, go-live in a week.

4. Organic search and social campaigns started before go-live.

5. We heavily focused on page load performance and user experience optimization.

6. Awareness and performance campaigns launched on Google and Facebook within the next few days.

What’s the Outcome?

The website has a consistent growth trend for impressions, traffic, and conversions. Let’s have a look over the numbers:


Increase in organic traffic from search engines, MoM.


Overall revenue increase, QoQ.


Followers increase on social platforms, MoM.


ROAS from paid campaigns.

Testimonial from Kiko Clothing

Kiko Clothing Testimonial - Vinitia

They are one of the best growth marketing agencies. We hired Grovention to build an e-commerce website for our clothing startup initially. Later the project extended to development and marketing services. Their team helped us throughout the digital journey, covering planning to driving revenue to the website. They are a one-stop shop for all digitization needs.

Vinita Bisht
Director | Kiko Clothing

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