Fayon Kids
Case Study

We developed an SEO-friendly website and multi-fold the digital growth for leading kids’ clothing brands.

Fayon Kids Case Study

Stepping into Client’s Shoes

The brand was struggling with keeping up and optimizing its custom website and was looking for a developer who could build a search-friendly and easy-to-maintain website. The client also awarded the website’s marketing to Grovention.

  • They wanted a website with a simple backend and minimal complexity.
  • The client’s team was not very technical.
  • It must be a mobile-first website as over 80% of its sales are from mobile devices.
  • The new website must have a list of features from their existing custom site and some more.
  • User experience, performance, and sales are not to be compromised.

Research for Data-driven Decisions

We started planning an inbound search-focused website for the brand. We did the below research to understand the audience and market.

Data Analysis

We analyzed existing data from the client’s Google Analytics, Google Ads, Search Console, and Facebook Ads Manager.

Keyword Research

Research keywords to understand user queries, search volume, and competition.

Market Research

Market research to get insights into the vertical’s scope and business competitors.

Competitor Analysis

We analyzed competitors for planning better sections and content placements.

Solutions to Planning

We discussed technologies that can be used to build an ideal website for their needs and marketing strategies to follow. Here are some of the points we concluded on:

  • A Shopify CMS-based website for a standard e-commerce website architecture and flow.
  • We planned an SEO-focused website with hierarchical architecture, keyword targeting collections and product nomenclature, easy navigation, an explicit conversion funnel, etc.
  • We planned on creating content optimized for every section of finalized design layouts.
  • Our team created short and long-term SEO & paid marketing strategies to engage and convert users.
  • We drafted campaigns to acquire new users and repeat orders from existing buyers.
  • We planned strategies to drive orders during off-seasons.

How We Did It?

Our team followed the agile approach and kept the client at the center of all developments. Here is how we delivered growth for Fayon:

1. We completed the research and analysis within week one.

2. Our team finalized designs, website pages, and content by the second week.

3. Website architecture, collections, functionality, and features development were completed in the next three weeks. We started content creation and graphics design parallelly.

4. We updated content, images, and product data in the seventh week, tested the website and fixed bugs.

5. After the client’s acceptance in week eight, we published the website live on the brand’s domain.

6. Post-go-live, we started executing and optimizing planned SEO and paid marketing campaigns.

What’s the Outcome?

The efforts to re-building Fayon Kids’ new website and marketing yielded positive results. Here are some of the outcomes:


Increase in organic traffic from search engines, MoM.


Overall revenue increase, QoQ.


Increase in average session duration.


ROAS from paid campaigns.

Testimonial from Fayon Kids

Preeti Jatia

We have been working with Grovention since last couple of months ….we really like the approach and we are waiting for the results to flourish soon ! We are confident Shobhit and team will be able to crack this for us !!

Preeti Jatia
Fashion Director | Fayon Kids

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